Activate your sitting awareness

SR-Motion introduces Aysa. Aysa combinates sensors with medical knowledge to create the best solution for measuring and optimizing your sitting behaviour and activity.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Aysa is the product that helps you to train your back and increase the quality of your sitting behaviour. Through the use of Aysa you decrease the chances of back problems or decrease the time rehabilitating from back problems.


We've created a dedicated training section within the mobile app which builds upon our years of medical experience. This section offers you a set of exercises that enable you to train your back muscles and relieve pressure on your back.


The sensors generate a lot of data during the time you make use of Aysa. Therefore, we have developed a statistics section that visualizes all the relevant information for your personal use.

About us

SR-Motion is a company that is founded by a father and a son who believe that people sometimes need a helping hand in the process of becoming healthy. We believe that the combination of real-time feedback and setting goals creates a structured model in which behavioural change can be made.


We have created Aysa based on 25 years of experience with people who suffer from back related problems and scientific evidence found by medical researchers.


The mobile application communicates through Bluetooth with the sensors. The sensors measure the activity and the behaviour using the accelerometer, gyrosensor and magnetometer.


In order to continously optimize Aysa we are working closely with universities on the topics of user feedback and new uses for the sensor data.


We are proud to have a partnership with Nerds & Company, University of Twente and Saxion Hogescholen.


If you have any question regarding Aysa you can reach us through e-mail. If you want to get updates on our product you can subscribe for our newsletter.